Excerpt from Chapter Thirteen – “Sugar in the Capitol Cafe”

Roosevelt, Muir, Clio and Me: A Novel of Loss and Discovery by David Matthew Wilcox

Excerpt from Chapter Thirteen – “Sugar in the Capitol Cafe”:

Beneath the ground between the Jefferson and Madison Buildings, an
area that Winston estimated put them somewhere under South Capitol
Street, he and Clio entered the Capitol Cafe, the cafeteria that served the
Library of Congress. Cheery, brightly lit, spotlessly clean, it was a place the
two would visit every day; a combination reflection-meditation-decompression
chamber for the Dashes. Adding to its charms was the fact that it served
some of the cheapest food in town, at least in their part of town. The Capitol
Cafe was exactly what Winston needed.

Breezing through the service line with food trays in hand, Clio located a
corner table while Winston paid the tab. She dumped her tray onto the table,
pulled a plastic bag from her back pocket and sat down. Into a ceramic coffee
cup she tore up a long, green leaf, followed by steamy hot water. The water
instantly turned a pale green color. Clio then placed a saucer on top of the
cup, allowing its contents to steep.

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