Excerpt from Chapter Eleven – “L’Enfant’s City”

Roosevelt, Muir, Clio and Me: A Novel of Loss and Discovery by David Matthew Wilcox

Excerpt from Chapter Eleven – “L’Enfant’s City”:

The final descent through Maryland to Washington, D.C. was quick
but not entirely without initial distractions. It began with a long-distance
phone call from Samuel’s Cafe to Dr. Hampton Bugh. Hampy, an old
and neglected friend, lived in D.C. and taught ancient Greek and Roman history
at Catholic National University. Winston’s call caught Hampton taking
his lunch at home. It was the first time the two had spoken in more than ten
years, one of four or five times since graduating together from the University
of Iowa’s doctoral program. His motive was not so much an attempt to renew
an old friendship as to make a helpful Washington contact, a person to help
take the edge off the big city. Hampy would be that, at least, Winston
thought. The call yielded that and more. Not only did he insist on showing
the two around town, but he gleefully volunteered his home near campus as
their Washington home base for as long as they needed it.

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