Excerpt from Chapter Ten – “Mennonites, Moravians and Mullein”

Roosevelt, Muir, Clio and Me: A Novel of Loss and Discovery by David Matthew Wilcox

Excerpt from Chapter Ten – “Mennonites, Moravians and Mullein”:

Sunday evening’s dinner for Winston and Clio was simple enough.
Quick and easy. It entailed walking the length of the town again to its
only fast food restaurant and the only one still open. Both ordered a cheeseburger,
fries, a thick chocolate malt, and both, subsequently, spent a considerable
amount of time in the rest rooms cleaning up. Finally, with their
dinner eaten, teeth brushed after an encore visit to the restrooms and an
uneventful walk back to van, they agreed to call it an early evening.

Their serendipitous Sunday in Intercourse turned out to be one of the
most genteel days of their entire trip. It had a quality of light-hearted, lazy,
coziness to it. Both Winston and Clio remained relaxed, comfortable and
clearly getting used to each other. And, as if to seal their bond for that day,
they resolved to retire early but not before a game of cribbage—a family
favorite and a game Clio had mastered since her ninth birthday.

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