Excerpt from Chapter Eight – “Stuck in Intercourse”

Roosevelt, Muir, Clio and Me: A Novel of Loss and Discovery by David Matthew Wilcox

Excerpt from Chapter Eight – “Stuck in Intercourse”:

Winston and Clio traveled “the scenic route” on much of their journey
east since its inception. It took them through the heartland of
the old mid-western farm country, a northern sliver of the Appalachian
Mountain chain called the Alleghenies and back into the farmland of south
central Pennsylvania. From Gettysburg, their map directed them eastward to
the town of York and then south along Interstate 83 into Maryland and, eventually,
to Washington, D.C. The southern descent into Maryland would have
taken them through more rolling hills with tall, fifty-year-old trees lining the
interstate. Unfortunately, they missed their turnoff at York. So caught up in
conversation and music, they continued for another 27 miles on old Highway
30 before Winston realized his mistake.

The “mistake” put them just past Lancaster, Pennsylvania, into the heart
of Amish country. With a quick jog to the left past Lancaster, Highway 30
joined Pennsylvania Route 340, the “Old Pennsylvania Pike,” a scenic road
connecting some of the most beautiful farmland in America with quaint towns
like Bird-in-Hand, White Horse, and Intercourse. While these towns clearly
had their attractions—good food, Amish and Mennonite handicrafts, historical
museums—it was always the farms that commanded Winston’s attention
and curiosity.

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